After a hard work, everyone wants to relax and rejuvenate themselves for the future. Holidays and getaways are an awesome way of breaking the monotony, relaxing and adding a flair to our lifestyle. The resorts and destinations we choose greatly determine how wonderful our outings will be, and there’s no doubt that everyone wants a fun-filled moment. If you are passionate about resorts and you are looking for a new experience in Kerala, ‘the Gods own country’, then you have all the reasons to smile. The springBay has yet again offered an amazing and a breathtaking resort. The CasaMarari resort takes the hard work out of making your holiday an experience you’d want to have over and over again.

Our credibility

The credibility of our resort is attributed to our commitment at offering outstanding hospitality services. To guarantee quality, we have set a high standard through which all our services have to meet. Our good background and experience in the industry make us better placed at providing ideal services for you and your entire family. SpringBay celebrates a good history in the hospitality industry and as part of it, we guarantee that your every expectation will be met at CasaMarari.

Experience In Nature

There’s nothing that soothes and gives restoration like nature. The best adventures and experiences are all derived from nature, making it an important resource in hospitality. With this understanding, we have designed the CasaMarari resort to offer our clients a good experience of nature in its most pristine form. Our structures have nicely blended the modern materials with nature to bring out everyone’s dream in nature sprees.

Your Well-Being

There’s a lot that comes with holidays than just fun. While leaving from your holiday, you should be at the best of your health, rejuvenated and re-energized. At CasaMarari, we strive to ensure that your stay in our resort positively impacts on your general health. The CasaMarari is an Ayurveda wellness resort and it incorporates every factor that helps in keeping you super healthy.

Experience With The Community

Our good experience with the community helps our clients in learning a lot of things from the region. A good number of our recipes are locally grown and refined ingredients from the local communities giving you an opportunity to experience the unique flavors from this region.

Experience With The Heritage

Heritage is an important aspect of life in every region and at CasaMarari we help you learn and experience varied cultures and histories from Kerala. We have adapted to the cultures of this place and there are a lot of discoveries our resort helps you make.

Pournami Houseboats

Pournami Houseboats from SpringBay Holidays is one of the best houseboat providers in Alleppey, Kerala. Pournami has been in operation for the past 10 years and is one of the most reviewed houseboats in Alleppey. Pournami is committed to provided the best customer satisfaction which is the primary objective of SpringBay Holidays. You can combine your houseboat packages with Casamararis’ Ayurveda packages for better rates.

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